Here at Lashfull Eyelash Salon we are very passionate about all things lashes and upholding the highest standard for the industry. As lashing is already a booming business, many woman (and even some men) are very keen to join it and become eyelash artists/technicians themselves. There are various avenues that a certified lash artist can take, to name a few are – working at an eyelash salon, adding yet another skillset/service under your belt as an esthetician which makes you more employable or generates more revenue for your business, starting your own business (in a commercial space, out of your own home, or mobile), becoming a brand ambassador for a large eyelash retailer, etc.
     We are proud to offer Eyelash Extension Training. We understand it is a big step for anyone to take an Eyelash Course, so we want to assure you that your time is going to be well spent and you will get significant value out of it. Please know that even after completing the course, you will always have access to your trainer. All courses are taught in-person and one-on-one in order to assure the highest quality training experience.  It is just as important to us to maintain high value and quality in training as we know it is for you to receive an excellent lash education. Please contact us via email lashfullsalon@gmail.com to request more training information and we will send you a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of our Eyelash Extension Course. From there we will be happy to chat with you over the phone to answer any questions you may have. Doing research is the first step and you’re starting at a great place.

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