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    Parking Options

    1. Pay for street metered parking on West Broadway. Depending on the service your appointment may be longer than 2 hours, if so ensure that spot has a longer limit.

    2. Find free parking on any of the surrounding streets including MacDonald, Stephens, 8th, 10th, etc. Read the signs because some spots are only for residents.

    3. Do not recommend parking at the Safeway (sometimes they have parking security that tickets). Do not park in the underground of the building or Macdonald Court. Neither has paid parking or customer parking and they will ticket or tow violators.


    We are located on the 2nd floor of 2760 West Broadway. A commercial building located directly across from the Safeway and a few steps away from the 99 B-Line bus stop. Tip – our sidewalk sign is right in front of the entrance! When you enter the building please take the stairs at the front or the elevator towards the back up to the 2nd floor. Look for Unit 212 or the Lashfull logo on the door.