Can anyone get eyelash extensions?
Pretty much! In fact, we invite EVERYONE to try eyelash extensions. Please note, we can only apply eyelash extensions to clients who have natural lashes. If for some reason you do not have natural eyelashes, then unfortunately there is nowhere for us to apply the extensions onto. We cannot apply eyelash extensions to your skin.

How do you apply eyelash extensions?
You will be lying down flat on your back, on a comfortable salon bed. Time duration is anywhere from 1 hour and 20 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes depending on the type of lashes you choose. Please refer to exact times via our “Services” Page. Your technician is seated behind your head. While your eyes are closed, the lashes are applied very carefully, 1 by 1. Most clients find the entire application process peaceful and comforting…in fact many fall asleep zzz!

Do I need to lie down the entire service?
For the best results, yes. You will be lying flat on your back. We encourage you to relax with no disruptions, however, please let your technician know if you need something. Because your eyes are closed the entire service, a lot of clients take a nap. If you would like to keep yourself occupied during the service, feel free to bring along your ear phones to plug yourself into a podcast or music. Please avoid caffeine prior to your appointment to prevent jitters. Thank you.

What should I do if I have eye/skin sensitivity?
Upon contacting us, prior to booking your appointment, please let us know and we can offer you a complimentary test patch. We will book you in for a 5-10 minute appointment and apply a few lash extensions per eye. A test patch is a good way to “test the waters” prior to investing in a full set. It is rare to have a sensitivity or reaction to eyelash extensions so most people would not need a test patch, however, if you know yourself to be very sensitive or have had a reaction in the past, then please let us know.

What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?
Classic is 1 extension to 1 natural lash. Volume is multiple extensions to 1 natural lash (can be anywhere from 2-20 extensions per natural lash). Terms such as “hybrid”, “light volume”, “full volume” etc. are not standard lash terms (i.e. every salon has their own definition for these terms) so if you are coming from another salon please specify what you prefer through a picture or by letting your technician know how many extensions per natural lash you have been used to.

What is the difference between pre-made and pro-made fans?
“Fans” create volume lashes and refer to the final product of single lashes made into a multi-lash creation with a single base, spread out symmetrically at the top like an “open fan”.
Pre-made fans are volume fans that are purchased pre-made and already dipped in adhesive. A premade volume fan consists of anywhere from 2 to 10 lashes glued together at the base. Plucked straight off the purchased lash tray and applied like a single classic lash. Pro-made fans are carefully creating by the technician on the spot one while doing the service. The ability to make Pro-made fans entails learning an additional skill set on top of Classic Lashes. Likely your technician invested into a Volume Lash Course and definitely spent hundreds even thousands of hours to hone her skill in learning to make pro-made fans. Pro-made fans are custom made and much lighter weight and more natural looking because they are only dipped in glue 1 time, instead of multiple times as a pre-made fan does. Pro-made fans are more gentle on the natural lashes, whereas pre-made fans have the risk of causing lash damage because of their weight and material. We proudly offer only pro-made at Lashfull. We choose quality over everything and have invested into perfecting the craftsmanship of pro-made volume fans.

What kind of material are the lashes?
Synthetic, hence, cruelty-free. Although there are different coined terms for lash materials – PBT, silk, faux-mink, etc. and there are absolutely slightly different feelings/looks to each, all of these type are made of synthetic.

How can I prepare for my lash appointment?
By arriving on time, with clean lashes and eye area. Please do not put eye make up or any cream/serum on or around the eyes before your appointment. Please avoid any waterproof mascara for a couple days before the appointment and please avoid any eyelash serums at least 48 hours before the appointment. If you were wearing eye make-up 24 hours before your appointment, we would recommend washing 2-3 times before coming in. Every fill and full set includes 1 complimentary lash bubble bath (technician washes your lashes prior to application), however if your technician needs to wash your lashes more than once, it is $5 per lash bath. Dirty lashes usually need to be washed 2-3 times.
We also encourage avoiding caffeine prior to your appointment in order for you to be your most relaxed. Caffeine also tends to cause the eyes to tremor, which makes application difficult.

What kind of after care is needed?
– The most important is to keep the lashes completely dry for the first 24 hours after application. This goes for both eyelash extensions and lash lifts. Please avoid water, sweat, tears, or high humidity the first 24 hours.
– Do not rub your eyes.
– Wash your lashes and eye area at least a few time per week with an oil-free wash.
– Avoid high heat in order to prevent melting your lashes (yes this can happen!). Steer clear of direct hot air from oven, direct hot air from your blow dryer, lighters, being to close to campfires and BBQs.
– Ideally brush your lashes once per day – lash wand will be provided after your full set.
– Ideally do not sleep on your face.

What is the difference between a full set and fill?
A full set is the lash extension service you receive when you have no extensions on and a fill is the lash extension service you receive when you have at least half of your extensions remaining and we remove strays and “fill in”. If you have less than half of your extensions remaining, please book a full set.

Do I have to get a fill?
No, you are under no obligation to come back and get a fill or continue getting fills after your full set. If you would like to maintain your lashes past a few weeks then you can choose to get a fill. Many of our clients love to come to us every 2-3 weeks for fills, whereas we have other clients who just choose to get a full set of lashes done a few times a year. Your full set will look good for at least 3 weeks, assuming proper after care.
If you do not choose to get a fill, we encourage booking a removal once your lashes are looking quite sparse. A removal is a painless service done at least a few weeks after your last appointment in order to remove the stray lashes growing out. Stubborn strays can lead to natural lash damage, as they can become heavy on the ends as they grow out.

Do you accept foreign fills (fills from another salon)?
Typically no, however, if you have at least half remaining, no longer than 3 weeks since your last appointment, and the lashes are well done with good quality materials, we may make an exception. However, please be prepared that your technician may need to do a removal and full set. Please reach out to us by phone to discuss upon booking.

Can I bring a friend?
We ask that due to small lash room size and small waiting area size that you come to your appointment alone, unless you are a minor. The neighborhood we are located has a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants so if they will tag along they can explore around there while they wait! Thank you for understanding.

Do you have parking?
Lashfull does not have designated parking included, however it is very easy to find FREE street parking a 1-2 minute walk away. In addition to this, West Broadway has plenty of metered parking. Please refer to our “Contact Us” page for details.

Is your location wheelchair accessible?
Yes, although we are on the 2nd floor, there is an elevator.

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